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Still holding eye contact you reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down.
Are you going to help me with this? you asked.
I stood up, saying nothing, put my hands to the sides of your face and kissed you hard and deeply before I dropped my hands and began to unbutton my shirt.

I pitched it onto on the same chair with your clothes and began to pull down my jeans.
As soon as my cock was free you had it in your hand and had your mouth on mine.

When my jeans were off and on the floor you pulled me to you, pulling my cock between your legs and letting it slid over that extremely wet area between your legs.
Your arms were around my neck and you said, Put your hands on my ass and move me, lover. Ilovestoresi free teen webcam chat rooms.
Our kisses were frantic.

The night air was cool and tickling our senses.
The feeling between our legs was erotic and we were unaware of anything but the fire building between us.
Suddenly you pulled away from me then bent over and took my cock into your mouth.

You sucked it in deep and then came back to my face, kissed me again and said, In the grass, baby.
I want you inside me right now.
Lets go lay in the grass.

As we stepped off of the deck and Sex dating in morgana south carolina. lay down in the grass, we were almost completely out of sight from the house and certainly out of any light.
The grass was very cool and just Overwatch widowmaker sound. a bit wet from dew.
You lay down on your back and opened your arms to me.

I want you on me, baby.
I want you on me and in me.
I moved myself to a position between your knees, putting my hands on your ankles and then moving them out.

Open up for me, my love, I said as I pushed your feet away from me.
Let me see how beautiful you are.
When I had your legs wide open I looked down to see that your lovely pussy was shinning in the starlight.

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