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Daddy was understandably excited about the Standing sex in public. idea of his trophy girl getting enhancements.
He set the whole thing up, making the appointment and arranging for a woman to stay with her during the days while she was recuperating and he was at work.

It was hard to tell what Jacquelyn was more excited about: getting new breasts, or shopping to get clothes that fit her new shape! She so wanted Best teen anal action. to get some sexy, slutty clothes that shed seen other more well-endowed women wear.

She had always wanted to dress sexy and slutty, but she could never pull it off with her tiny breasts.
But thats what had paid her bills and gave her the opportunity to travel and make a very comfortable living.
And it was the fame and modelling that had brought her and daddy together.

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She couldnt complain too much.

At long last, the day of her surgery came and Jacquelyn was so excited.
She knew that it was going to hurt for a while afterwards, but the pain would pass and then she could enjoy her new, more flattering figure.

Daddy drove her to the clinic, and after a couple hours in surgery and about four hours of aftercare, the doctor felt she could go home, especially when he learned that there would be someone to watch over her and take care of her.
The doctor explained that shed be sore for about two weeks
going from a B cup to her new DDs was a pretty large increase!

He said it would probably be four to six weeks before she could resume all her regular activities and maybe a couple after that before she would enjoy her new breasts.
Daddy had explained that Jacquelyn was a former model, so he made sure there was no visible scar.
The doctor was very good.

The first couple weeks there was a lot of bruising but it faded pretty quickly and Jacquelyn saw results very soon.

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