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My hand keeps a slow circuit on her leg, starting behind her knee, up her smooth thigh, until Im greeted by the firm flesh of her well shaped ass.
How do you do it? Chanel asks when I release her mouth to kiss her ear.

Do what? Drive me so completely crazy, she purrs, and I smile and kiss the little beauty mark below her left ear.
So fucking sexy.
I like driving you crazy.
I can tell, she says, and I squeeze her ass.
Do you want me to stop? Please dont, she says, and I bite her neck.

The more I touch her, the more she rolls her hips in appreciation.

Im trying to focus on kissing her, but I cant escape the feeling of her ass pressing into my lap.
Chanels legs part slightly, and I go for it.

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I move my hand over her hip, reach down between her thighs, and cup her barely covered pussy.
Ah! Chanel gasps, and I can feel her nails on my skin.
Shes so fucking warm around my fingers.

We cant do this out here, she whispers, and Married women villa rica il. it only spurs me on more.
In one fluid movement, her panties are off her ass and I throw them by the door.
Doing this on the balcony could be hot.
What are you doing? she smiles, looking over the railing.

I dont answer, lifting Chanel by her waist, and turning her to straddle my lap.
No ones gonna see, I say, adjusting the sheet over our bodies.
Still smiling, she shakes her head at me before putting her mouth on mine.

I greedily grab her tiny waist, her naked ass, her thighs, holding her at her back Blonde pornstar movie tube..
Youre ridiculous, she mumbles, grinding her cunt against my hardening dick through my shorts.
You love it, I say, encouraging her movements, and she puts her face in my neck, gliding her teeth over my skin.

Maybe, she says, and I reach around her ass to touch her pussy.

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You gotta be out there girls please read.