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Never had she allowed this to happen to her, and yet here she was, expecting it.
If it didn’t seem quite natural, it at least felt inevitable.
When the man had finished, her head was laid back down on the cushion.

Her face sticky with seed, she was aware of the hard thrusts between her thighs, but suddenly also something soft moving against her face.
Confident that she could open her eyes without an accident, Prudence did so, amazed to see a girl’s face above her, licking the freshly ejaculated sperm from her.

The girl was smiling, a glint lurking behind rectangular spectacles.
Prudence saw that she was wearing a see-through top, black of course.
She felt like it must all be a dream, brought about from watching too many videos, and possibly indulging in too much cheese and wine.

As the girl’s tongue travelled across her lips, she parted them, allowing the girl to penetrate her mouth with her tongue.
Prudence felt the strong tang of semen as the girl’s tongue scooped the substance into her mouth.

Loud, rhythmic beats and moans continued to ring out from the sound system. The ludington of mature married swingers.
‘No better than a slut,’ she thought as a changeover occurred, a third man in quick succession entering her.
He fucked her in time to the loud, hypnotic beat, the sampled female voice crying, Oh yes!

Fuck me hard! as the girl continued to draw her tongue across Prudence’s face, gathering the sperm and ingesting it.
Not really aware of what was going on around her, it came as something Sex in the cannibal cauldron. of a shock when a new load of cum was delivered, splashing both her own and the girl’s face.

The girl hardly missed a beat, continuing to drag her tongue through the thick, syrupy goo on Prudence’s face.
She managed to look up, seeing people standing round, staring down at her, enjoying her predicament; enjoying seeing her on her back, a man between her thighs, and this girl licking sperm from her face.

A number of men had their cocks out, wanking their stiff organs as they looked at her.
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She saw Amy on her knees sucking one of them.
The heavy beat seemed unceasing, relentless, the man between her thighs still following the rhythm, the sampled voice still urging, Oh yes! Fuck me hard!

Suddenly the man between her thighs moved up her body as the first had.
Immediately a fourth penetrated her, thrusting vigorously.
As the man who had just been fucking her delivered a load on her lips, she saw the man Amy had been sucking get into position and take aim.

She closed her eyes, just in the nick of time, since this time some of the sperm did strike her eyelid.

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