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Yeah, I can see that now.
Makes sense, after all, man invented clothes, didnt he? I laughed and said, Exactly, nakedness is natural and nothing to be ashamed off.

We began to swim back to the yacht and Max helped us up.
When we were back on deck I walked over to the ice box and grabbed two beers for Luci and me.
You know what? I feel wild, said Luci and stepped out of her bikini bottoms.
You go girl!

I said and we both laughed.
Then I turned to Max, what about you, stud muffin? He glanced at Luci who said, its okay, I dont mind.

He took off his shorts, grabbed another beer and went back to his fishing rod.
I got out another chair for Luci and we sat down enjoying the sun.
When I woke up Luci was not in the bed so I stretched and then got up.

I checked my watch and saw that it was close to six Phoenix facial line specailists. in the evening.
I must have slept for more than three hours, and I felt much better.
When I walked out onto the deck Luci and Nina were talking in sun chairs to my right and Max was sitting in the fishing chair.

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Hey, look who woke up, said Nina and waved to me.
I grabbed a beer and walked up to them and when I was closer I realized they were both naked.
Oh shit, Im sorry, I said and turned around.

Its okay, Jack.
I am learning how to be a nudist, said Luci and giggled.
Yeah, get naked and pull up a chair, said Nina.
I dont think so, but I surely dont mind if you do, I said with a grin.
You dirty bugger, I heard Max say and when I turned towards he had moved so he was facing me.

God, dude, cover that thing, please.
What, this piece of manhood? he said and pointed at his flaccid cock.
Yeah, that.
Whats wrong with you people, I leave you alone for a few hours and you turn into aliens.
Luci laughed and pulled me closer to her.
Cmon babe, be a sport.

She unzipped my shorts and pulled them and my boxers down at the same time, exposing my cock.
Hey, let go, I said I didnt want too, I said and tried to pull them up again.
Nina lowered her sunglasses.

You, my dear have nothing to be ashamed off.
Very funny, but I dont feel comfortable with this, okay.
Fine, I understand, maybe later, baby, said Luci and let go of my clothes.
I covered myself again and pulled out a chair to sit Taylor swift and joe jonas dating 2016. on.

Hows the fishing? I asked.

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