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A knot rises in my throat.
The pain couldnt have been helped.
Finally she relaxes so I strike her across her back and she clenches around my cock.

I quicken the pace and tear the bra straps off to allow my hands to roam her breasts and pinch and tug the harden nipples.
I couldnt hold back anymore and reached to her clit to finish us both off.

Her body thrashes beneath me, her cunt tightening around my member again until I finally come inside her and rest my head on her back.
I should have controlled myself more.
I better go now.

Anna finally says.
I didnt say you could leave. Free liveweb cam sex.
I replied picking up my phone.

Sorry Master.
Put your number on my phone.
Ill call you when I want to continue this.
She nods, types the number in and passes the phone back then dresses quickly.
I let her out my room and find Chaz standing there.
Bye Chaz!

Anna whispers passing by.
A huge smile is etched on Chazs face.
So you got my present then? She grins. Red dating game.
You mean Anna? Yeah.
Thats thank you Mistress to you.

Thanks Mistress.
I reply bowing my head.
Your insolence needs to be punished!

She growls picking up the riding crop, flexing it in her hands.
Yes Mistress.
Bending over the bed I cant help to smile whilst she thrashes me.
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