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Denise looked at both of us and smiled.
She leaned over and kissed Laura, a full, sexy kiss on the mouth.
Denise licked her lips Swallow hot. and gave Laura the same knowing look that I had given her.
She turned to Bret in the kitchen.

Robs here, out back, she told him.
Oh, good, Bret said.
He swung the back door open and stood in the open doorway in all of his erect glory.
Hey, Rob, he said.
Hi, Bret, Rob replied.

Nice to see youre up this morning.
That I am, said Bret.

Lauras eyes widened a little.
Whos that? she asked, clutching at her robe with uncharacteristic modesty.
Thats Rob.
Hes a friend that does a little handy work for us sometimes, Denise told her. Local mature women want sex locally in 62839.
She glanced up and down at Lauras exposed figure.

Dont worry, hes cool.
Laura seemed to relax and moved so that she could see through the doorway past Brets naked form.
I guessed at that point that she liked what she saw, because, gaze fixed outside, she casually reached inside her robe and fingered her pussy.

Mmm, she murmured, watching him and playing with herself.
Then she turned to me.
Hes kinda good looking.

Leaving the door open, Bret came back inside and picked up the coffee cups.
He walked over Metro pcs dating sites. with a cup in each hand, his traffic cone shaped dick still standing at full attention.
He walked around the counter to join us.

Before he had a chance to put the cups down, Laura dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock in her mouth.
Bret held the cups and looked down in surprise as Laura sucked him.

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