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She was excited, nervous, and a bit apprehensive.
She didnt know how she would react to witnessing rough play.
She brought her camera to her eye and said, Im ready when you are.

Sonia turned, lifted her head up to look at me, and grinned as she gave a slight nod of her head.
I roughly grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her onto her knees.
The sudden and forceful act caught Katja off guard.
Her breath caught and her eyes widened. Riley shy office.

She quickly snapped off a few shots with her camera.

And tried to ignore the sudden flutters in her belly.
Slowly, I guided Sonias face to the cement floor, past the yoga mat that she was kneeling on, and reached for a rope from my bag.

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I released the grip on Sonias hair, and placed my foot on the side of her face to keep her head pinned to the floor.
Sonia crossed her arms Free find sex partner austria. across the small of her back, as I threw the folded rope over one of the iron beams, secured it in place, and tied my suspension ring to it.

I grabbed another rope, uncoiled it, and kneeled behind Sonia.
I grinned at Katja as I pulled Sonia slowly back onto her knees by her hair.
I used the bight of my rope to cinch Sonias left nipple, yanking it upwards in one quick motion.
She grimaced and let out a loud yelp.

I slapped Sonias left breast very hard, just how she likes it.
I covered her nose and mouth with one hand, and hooked both her elbows behind her back with my right arm.
I snarled into her ear, You know that I dont approve of my whores being loud.

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