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I do the math in my head, and although Ive Asian boyfriend. cooled off a little, Im relatively confident I can make myself come in less than five minutes.
That is, if I dont let myself overthink what Im actually doing, which is often my downfall.

I gasp as I feel his hands behind me, squeezing my ass cheeks firmly while pulling me in to him.
My pussy grinds against his jeans covered cock and we both let out lustful moans.
Immediately my passion spikes again.

I reach my own arms around his back and cling to his shirt as I begin to move against him.
He Very young girls free porn. chastises me.
Slow down, Corrineā€¦ Not just yet.

I look up at him, panting; doing my best to hold still when all I want is that delicious friction against my aching pussy.

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He reaches behind him, extracting my arms.
Lace your fingers behind your head, then begin.
I do as he says, and in doing so realize that not only does it cause my breasts to thrust lewdly upwards, but it also forces me to exclusively use my hips to grind against his cock, without the benefit of my arms to pull myself into him.

He lies down on his back, propping himself up on his elbows.
He looks up at me with both amusement and unapologetic lust waiting for the show to begin.
Slowly I begin to thrust my hips back and forth over the seam of Patricks jeans.

I see him close his eyes for a moment as his breath escapes him, before they open again, dark with passion.
They briefly flicker to my bedside clock before returning to me.
His gaze drifts from my eyes, to my chest, then to my pussy where they linger.

Keep them open, he orders as my eyes clench tightly while I find my rhythm.
In a stand of defiance I open them and stare down on him, rocking my hips back and forth over his entrapped cock.

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Without registration online sexy chating.