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Alec stroked the skull resting on her crotch.
Karl spooned behind her Japanese water bondage..
Now Christine could focus on her lover.
She glanced at Alec, then at Karl.

Her best stare she saved for Ian.
Ian guessed that every man liked to have his dick sucked.
Most wanted to be deep-throated.

Ian’s chances of that were usually slim, but not tonight.

When he felt the large knob of his dickhead slip down her throat, it was heaven.
He felt so powerful.

He saw her as completely submissive, being born and existing for all her life, just so she could do that to him right now.
Christine felt his thrusts.
She reveled in her power.
Deep throating was easy thing for her.
Ian was getting wild.

She slowed down.
He would have certainly spilled his seed in her throat, had she not taken control.
Karl put his arms around Alec and held her tits.
She shoved her ass back against him.

He reached down and placed his hardening pole in her crotch.
They rocked back and forth, enjoying the show.
Christine took charge.
She knee-walked up to Ian and straddled him, as before. Adult chatroulette women.
This time, she could lower herself onto him completely.

His long, fat pole disappeared into her cunt.
If uncomfortable, she never showed it.
Alec, rub your husband’s tits the way you want him to rub yours.
She did.
Karl, rub her tits the same way.
He did.

Now, when I rise up, you two tweak some titties.
I am going to tweak Ian’s pole the same way, but with my pussy.
None of the three of them had ever been directed to what to do during a fuck session.

They obeyed Christine.
Christine raised herself and Ian’s huge member was even longer, bigger, wetter.
The three saw the bulbous head for an instant before she slammed her body down onto that dick.

An observer might think some pelvic bones might break, but they didn’t.
Instead, Christine did it again and again.
Five, six times? Alec squeezed Ian’s nipple so hard he lunged his hips forward.
At that, Karl squeezed Alec’s nipples.

Alec thrust her ass backwards and mimicked her movements of earlier today.
She couldn’t stop shoving her ass at the feel of a Marmaladela free live stripers. stiff dick between her legs.
They achieved a sort of rhythm.
Ian let out a scream, Ahhhh.

Christine began to slow down.
She lifted herself off Ian and collapsed, right at Alec’s face.
Alec kissed Christine.

Gently, lovingly, more than sisterly but less than romantically.
Christine kissed her back, romantically.
Now there were four adults in one king-size bed, all naked; only one satisfied; three in various stages of arousal.
Somebody had to take charge.

Ian got up and stroked his wife.

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Who is rupert grint dating 2016.