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I slide my finger some more, to get it moistened by your pussy, and then I bring my finger to your lips, and insert my finger in your mouth, fucking your mouth with my finger and your pussy wetness, as if it were my cock entering you.
After this, I pick up the new shorts and help you try them on, and when you take them off again, I repeat my touch of your wetness, but this time I fuck my own mouth with your wetness on my finger, and I taste you.

Ecco You look at some sandals and instead of letting the salesperson try them on you You smell like ass., I crouch down between your feet, and I put them on you.
As I do, I caress your feet, giving attention to each toe.
I stroke your toes the way you would stroke my cock during a handjob.

I slip Joke housewarming present. the sandals on your feet, and run my hands up your legs, caressing and stroking your calves.
Frederick’s of Hollywood You find a pair of crotchless panties in black lace, and again I follow you into the fitting room.

I again slip your skirt off of you, and although you are not supposed to try items on over bare skin, I slide your panties down and stand facing you. Pantyhose suck job.
I then kneel down in front of you and move my face to your pussy, and begin to lick the outside of your labia, sliding my tongue up and down your wet slit.

You never do try on the panties – you pull my head closer to you, and tell me not to stop tonguing your pussy.
I don’t stop until I feel your body shudder, and you squeeze my head closer still, and all I can do is enjoy the moment, as I inhale the lovely scent of your pussy and taste your wetness as you cum.

Gap I find some cargo pants that I want to try, so you follow me into my fitting room.
But I am your slave today, so I don’t want you to help me.
I will put on a show for you instead as my task.

I undo my pants and slip them off, and standing before you in just my briefs, I begin to dance for you, suggestively and in a way that you cannot escape seeing how hard I am inside my briefs.
I slide my briefs off as I dance, and let my fully erect cock bounce for you, as I move closer to you, I tease you by touching you casually with my hardness.

Hollister and J.
Crew We skip these stores.
Kay Jewellers We skip this store too.
Le Gourmet Chef You and I go to the cookware section, and I find a rolling pin made out of marble.

Cold, grey stone.
It has a handle on one side, but on the other, it is just the cold, grey cylinder, perhaps three inches in diameter.
As I hold it, I stroke it as if jacking off the rolling pin, and I lean over and whisper to you that when we get to a store that has a fitting room, I will see if I can fuck your pussy with it.

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White guy 4 latina mexican girl.