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White extinction.

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I padded silently to the ensuite bathroom and willed my morning wood down just enough to relieve myself.
I completed my morning routine and glanced at Laura as I came out of the bathroom.
Her lithe form was outlined under the sheet.

One knee was slightly bent, and the rise of her mons was clearly visible between her parted thighs.
The sheet was draped below one tit, and I admired the firm roundness of her bare breast.

Her nipple was hard, even in sleep, and I wondered if she was dreaming about the nonstop sex of the last few days.
Bret and Denises home was clothing optional, and I didnt bother to dress before leaving the bedroom.

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While Laura and Denise would often Elenochka_89 live chat with sexy. wear something, Bret and I were naked just about all of the time.
I made my way downstairs, enjoying the sensation of my semi-erect cock bouncing in front of me with each downward step.

I got to the bottom of the stairs and entered the great room, which made up most of the first floor.
The living room area was to my left.
There was a breakfast bar dining area directly across from the stairs and to my right was the door to the downstairs bath.

Beyond that was the open kitchen, where I could see Denise, her back to me, reaching up into a cabinet for a coffee cup.
She was wearing a red t-shirt, and her upraised Skinny creamy pussy. arms caused the shirt to ride up, almost completely exposing her naked ass.
Good morning, I said, and she turned around.

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White extinction.