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Oh fuck, I thought, this is exactly what Id been hoping to avoid.
At seven Gikas arrived with two bottles of white wine and a six-pack of beer.
As I invited him in, I was perplexed to see that he was still wearing the same icky clothing from earlier in the day.

I hadnt expected him to arrive Guys party. in a suit, but a slight improvement would have been nice.
I had put on a neat shirt and pair of shorts.
When he mentioned that I look beautiful, however, my heart nervously began to thump in my chest as I pondered what he had meant by that statement.

When we finally sat down to eat, Gikas table manners were rather coarse, to say the least.
Fortunately, I discovered that he was less boring and stupid than I had imagined, as he regaled me with amusing stories about the family.

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I continued to relax, intrigued by his revelations, my wine glass never emptied and I became rather tipsy.
Although Gikas eyes continued to observe me intently, I was, nevertheless, rather relieved that his overt sexual West burlington ia. behaviour from earlier in the day had not persisted.

Foolishly, I believed that he had finally realized that I simply wasnt interested in him.
When I finally cleared the dinner plates, it dawned on me that he had not arrived with a dessert.

I decided not to make a big deal about the missing dessert, assuming that he may simply have forgotten about it.
Once I rejoined him at the dining table, another full glass of wine had mysteriously appeared before me.
As we continued talking it occurred to me that I may have misjudged Gikas.

Firstly, he had definitely been better company than expected, and secondly, maybe my beliefs about his carnal machinations toward me were merely a figment of my imagination.
After an hour, however, the wine was beginning to take its full toll and I really needed to have an early night.

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