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Then my mother took my hand and led me back into her room.
There on her bed were two outfits that were almost identical but I could tell the smaller size was for me.
Mine had a pink g-string and bra with some PVC hotpants and a tank top that showed off my tummy and shoulders.

Her clothing was similar however her underwear was black as well as the tank top.
Her hotpants were the same as mine, however when she slipped it on she had alot more to show as it just Nude japanese handjob dick and pissing. barely fit over her hips while mine clenched my ass tight.

We pulled our thongs up over our hips then put on our tank tops for the night.
Wait a minute.
She suddenly stopped us as Penis curve down. she looked over at me and realized she forgot something.

Bend over and pull your pants and thong down a bit I need to insert your toy for the night.

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She winked and went to her drawer as she pulled out a butt plug slightly larger then what I had worn last night as well as some breastforms to put in my bra to give me tits almost as big as hers.
She put the breasts forms in my bra and handed me the lube and plug as she sat down on her bed.

Put it in slow and dont hurt yourself.
Blushing, I slowly pushed the toy in moving it back and forth making it slide into my ass till it was solid in place.
Then I pulled up my pants and we finished our outfits with our heels.

She put on some pink, open toed 5 inch heels and I put on the same shoes but in black.
By this time it was now 8pm and getting dark out.
She told me to practice walking in the heels a little to get used to them.

I started giving sexy poses as my mom had grabbed her digital camera and we took pictures of eachother being two slutty girls.
Oh sweetie look how sexy you are! Missy is going to get alot of attention when we go out tonight.

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