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I think that we made up for that by really spoiling Patty.
You know that she always got whatever she wanted.
She had told me that she really felt you deserved it and also that she really did want to Women looking to fuck middleton. see you get a good spanking.
I love you, Aunt Judy, and have always accepted your decisions Sissy femdom movies..

However, I honestly feel that this was not one of your better decisions.
In retrospect, I think that you should have asked me more questions about why I had run the light instead of just telling me that I was going to be spanked.

It seems to me that you decided to spank me primarily to let Patty get what she wanted and you were once again spoiling your beautiful daughter.
In my defense, Patrick, I told you that day that I really did feel that you getting a ticket for running the red light was fool-hardy, lacked discipline and could honestly have led to injury.

I dont think that the spanking was not warranted. Mommy asshole streaming movie.
However, I will be honest with you in telling you that the degree I spanked you and the fact that I had you be nude was way overboard.

Since that night, I have felt guilty that I did it simply because Patty wanted to see you get a very severe spanking.
I also questioned myself about the fact that when you came back to get over my lap, you had an erection.
I started to think that the spanking was turning you on.

However, after the second trip over my lap it was obvious that if you had been you were not any more.
I laughed.
Aunt Judy, I did not start getting an erection until Patty came over during my corner time and started rubbing my bottom and legs.
Some of those rubs came between my legs.

And in fact, I was shocked when Patty reached around and rubbed my erection some.
I was extremely embarrassed over the fact that I had gotten an erection.
In fact, if you remember I hesitated after you told me to come back over your lap.

The reason for the hesitation was not to disobey you, but I did not want you to see my penis sticking out! I smiled at this young, attractive Aunt of mine and continued.
I want to thank you for being willing to discuss this and also for being so open.

Having said that though, I am more than a bit angry with your cute daughter.
I would love to take her over my lap as a pay back for all this.

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