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Weekend with Carleigh The plane banked to the left, aligning itself with the runway in preparation to land.
Looking out the window I could see the university campus off in the distance.
Soon I would be there, finishing the plans that we had made.

After landing and gathering my bag, I rented a car and drove toward campus.
There were two motels on my list to check out, one of which I was going to rent Girls looking for sex in council bluffs. a room for the weekend.

After checking both of them out I decided on the Fairfield Inn on University Park Drive, a modest hotel yet not a dive.
I was very specific on the room I wanted, and when I spoke with the clerk, she advised me the room was available.
It was the end unit on the second floor facing the road.

From the balcony I could look north and see the campus.
A lot of students walked by on the way to and from campus.
Carleigh and I had met on the internet at an erotic story website.
We developed a friendship and our chat conversations were easy.

Even though there was an age difference with me being in my 50’s and she only 18, we seemed to have a lot in common. Sammantha indian women sex chat site.
She was not very experienced and I on the other hand, had many years in which to gain the experience that she craved.

When we finally decided to meet, we were Breasts on male tricked. both excited with anticipation and nervous about it at the same time.
Carleigh’s last class of the day was over at 2:00 pm and I planned to be there when she was free.
Driving to the campus I called her cell phone and let her know where I was waiting.

At 2:20 pm I saw her walking toward the car, overnight bag in one hand.
She looked just like the picture she had shared with me, but in reality she was even more attractive.
Her shoulder length brown hair framed her oval shaped face and her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Wearing a white blouse and navy skirt that ended about 4 inches above her knees, I knew she was dressed to impress.
She had told me her normal attire was blue jeans and sweatshirt.
I reached over and opened the door for her, and she smiled broadly as she threw her bag into the back seat.

Climbing into car her skirt rose even higher, exposing more of her skin.
Hi, very nice to meet you she said, smiling broadly.
Honestly, I didn’t think you would show.

That’s the kind of luck I seem to have with guys.
Leaning over I kissed her lightly on the lips.
I’m not like most guys.
I told her.
When I say I’m going to do something, I always follow through.

Are you sure you’re up for this? Spending the weekend with a stranger? Well, you’re hardly a stranger.

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