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Soon I had her back pinned to the wall of the shower, her arms holding me so tight to her while my hands roamed freely and began to dominate her senses.
With the aid of the shower’s constantly flow of hot water, I had every single nerve in her body on red alert, while my member was tucked underneath her vagina, finding it’s home resting in between her tender lips, but not inside her yet.

This intense passion was only headed one way, but before I could start to move it toward that result, she had begun to move towards the exit.
This is where I had to put my foot down.

She was facing away from me at this point, so I wrapped both of my arms around her and pulled her back against me, while still facing away.
My Famle masturbation techniques. cock had fallen right in the gap of her cheeks, and her whole body electrified as it was pulled so close to mine.

My hands found their way to each of her breasts, groping them passionately, my fingers beginning to play with her swollen nipples.

And then I took the liberty I had been looking forward to the most.

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My left remained on her chest, enjoying it’s place, but my right hand took a nose dive and went straight for her button.
In between those lips was a true gem, a clit so swollen with blood that it was found with zero issue.

Once my finger touched it, her whole body convulsed around me, and she turned her head to find my lips with her own.
There was no more waiting, no more foreplay necessary, no more patience to be found inside me.
My fingers had found just how wet she was, and it was time for the main event.

Without hesitation, I found both of her hands and forced them against the back wall of the shower.
With the hot water now cascading down my back, I leaned her forward and spread her cheeks wide.
It must be said again what a glorious ass she had.

My right hand on her right collar bone, my left Nikola-45 xxx free. hand guiding my cock, I found my opening between those lips and let myself through.
Slowly, I gave her every last inch of me, until her pussy had fully engulfed my cock.

The yelp of pleasure that escaped her mouth at this moment is a sound I will never forget, as she took all that I would be able to offer her.
My strokes were slow, feeling the silky smooth surface of her inner walls take me all the way in, and then all the way back out.

Her vagina was pristine, so soft and smooth, so wet and tight, giving me only enough space to just get in and out.
My strokes remained slow for as long as I could before she reached back for me and kissed me in the act.
This was not a moment that I could contain myself in.

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