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It’s a celebratory trumpeting to announce our love-making! Adam likes a noisy blow-out when we enter Instant netflix nudity sex. each other! Stephen grinned at me.
It makes discreet sex when we’re staying over with friends just about impossible!

Okay, so I just hold him by the hips, Adam said, returning to showing me how he loosens Stephen’s bum up, and start sliding slowly in I want palmyra ny pussy. and out.
He withdrew a good six or seven inches of his cock from his companion’s arse and I saw what he’d meant earlier when he’d referred to ‘a certain amount of smearing’.

He drove it slowly back in and Stephen let out another extremely loud fart.
Bend lower, sweetheart, he muttered to his betrothed.
And open your legs wider.

let me grind you a little.

Stephen did as Adam instructed and contorted his body so that his entire anatomy was directed towards presenting his rear for his partner’s cock to impale.

Adam grabbed onto him more firmly and started driving himself with more force and vigour through the straining sphincter that was slowly growing used to his girth. Real men lick pussy.
He swivelled his hips to make sweeping corkscrews inside the tightly-stretched arsehole, causing a few final gassy outbursts as the rectum was readied for the full-on fuck.

Are you sure you don’t want me to paint you like this? I asked.
The two of you look.

quite extraordinary! Absolutely not! Adam asserted, now pumping his cock quite quickly in and out of Stephen’s reddening arsehole.
I imagine this is how the men on your ship used to couple up.

? Well, sort of, I nodded.
Certainly one man was standing up holding the hips of the other who was bending over.
Stephen called up from where he was bent double, It’s the crudest way to have anal sex.
it’s how men do it in public toilets.

We really don’t want our friends to see us like this.
But you look so incredible together! The way your whole body is focussed on receiving your lover’s cock.
your new husband towering over you.
his buttocks flexing as he thrusts.

Adam grinned at me.
You’re welcome to make a few sketches of us warming up like this.
perhaps compose a private painting for yourself.
if that’s something you’d enjoy.
You know.
I think I would.
Can you paint one-handed? he asked with a smirk.

I smiled back, by now willing to concede that I have been known to masturbate while painting my more interesting compositions.

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