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I had hardly softened, and I was quickly back to stroking my rod as I watched in awe as John continued his assault on Man wants a girl in denmark. Paulas pussy.
I could tell that he was getting close to cumming.
I was surprised when he withdrew and stepped aside to offer me another turn at fucking my wife.

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit, enjoying how slick she was, with juices running down her ass crack and staining her thighs.
Taking advantage of her wetness, I fucked her for a bit and then rubbed my wet cock against her asshole, repeating this over and over until I finally lined up my cock and fed the first few inches into her tight sphincter.

Paula shuddered in delight and her moans became more urgent.
I did this a few times, easing in and out until she was well lubed up and ready.
I could feel john standing beside me, watching over my shoulder.

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I knew how excited he was to try out my wifes tight ass, so I stepped aside and beckoned him forward.
I was thrilled at how quickly John stepped forward.
His cock twitched and throbbed with excitement.
Clearly, this was a moment he had been waiting for.

He lined his cock up with her anus, and slowly but deliberately pushed until his thickness was buried inside of her.
I saw Paula tense at first as his cock entered her, and then saw her relax once she was accustomed to his girth.

John must have felt it too, because thats when he began to thrust in and out.
I stood directly behind John and stroked myself in time with his thrusts into my wifes tight ass.
He would withdraw almost completely, and then slowly feed it back in.

His pace increased Hawthorne nv sex dating. rapidly, and before long he was quickly taking full thrusts into her ass.
I was mesmerized.
The sound of their flesh slapping together filled the air in the cramped hotel room.
Somehow I had ended up on my knees between Johns legs.

I was engrossed in the show unfolding before me.
I could hardly contain my own excitement, watching my wife take another man in her ass for the first time.
I watched closely, not wanting to miss a single detail.

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