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Whothe fuck is that.

She told him to wait and started to fiddle around in her purse.
She pulls out her 6 inch dildo that she had caught me with a few days before, and stuck it to the opposite wall directly across and same height as the mans cock.
She gave my ass a hard slap and looked me in the eye.

You know what to do Missy, she said with a sexy wink and slowly stroking the mans cock to keep him hard.
Getting back onto my knees, I pulled down my hot pants leaving my thong on as I moved it to the side and removed the butt plug.

Then with my ass Skinny teen masturbates tight. already lubed and wet, I inserted the dildo into my ass and moaned as I took the mans cock back in my throat once again.
I rocked my body back and forth being penetrated by the dildo then pulling off it as I took the juicy real cock down my throat but never at the same time.

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By this time, my mom had started using the recording function on the camera and was taking a video as she watched her little whore at work and earn her living.
I started to rock faster and faster, gagging on the cock as I felt him twtich in my throat as I moaned making him throb more and more.

I moan as well as I feel the dildo go in and out of my ass sending waves of pleasure one after the other every time it went down and making the cock taste so much better.
Im cumming! The man yelled from the other side of the wall.

I leaned back, stroking his cock as I moaned loudly with the dildo going deep into my ass, making me feel an orgasm as well but it couldnt escape through the cum stopper.
The man Short hair sucking. came a few more good shots onto my face as I screamed in pleasure before sitting up to rest with the dildo still in my ass.
I felt my hole throbbing as I watched the mans cock disappear through the hole.

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