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The days went by and I had nothing, but then, I remembered.
A couple of months ago we were talking and she told me that she missed her friends from where we used to live.

We moved to this city, because three years ago I got a promotion and was reassigned here and she was unable to find a girlfriend to go out with.
She had Kim as a friend, but Kim lived almost two hours away and they could not be spontaneous together.

Before I go much further let me tell you about my wife.
She is strikingly beautiful.
She is five feet eight inches tall.
She is slender, but not skinny.

She has long legs, coal black hair that extends past her shoulders, a light complexion, steel gray eyes and a set of 38 D breasts.

Every man who sees her wants her.
As if that weren’t enough, her personality is such that she can melt your heart with just a word.
I was putty in her hands and I wanted to make her happy.
She needed a girlfriend and I was going to find one for her, but where to find someone like that?

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I mulled it over in my mind for a few days and finally I came up with the idea that I could become her girlfriend.
I would have to prepare myself a lot more than I have in the past, but I was sure I could pull it off.
I dressed up twice in the past, and both times I was just a guy in drag.

a sexy guy in drag, but still I didn’t fool anyone and my wife was not going to go out with a guy in women’s clothes.
Not even if he is her husband, so I had to do something a little more involved than just dressing up.
My wife gets her hair done by a woman who is a transsexual.

I went to her shop and laid out my idea to her and asked her to help me become my wife’s new girlfriend.
The hairdresser’s name is Bobbie.
Bobbie is the exact opposite of my wife.
She is short, petite, has small breasts, and she is Latin.

She talks with a cute Latin accent.
When Bobbie heard Horney tucson arizona women. my plan she squealed, clapped her hands really fast and told me she would she would love to help me.
She also told me it would take some work to make me into a believable woman, so I should come back in two days at 5:00.

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Two days later I showed up at Bobbie’s shop right on time.
Bobbie was finishing up with a customer.
She told me to sit down and that she would be with me shortly.

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Updating facebook status.