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If you are tired of sleeping alone
if you are tired of that cold lonely bed every night and wondering if you even worthy of anothers company, I am here to show you the answer.
W-what do I have to do? she asked hesitantly.
Thats the easy part, Karen
all you have to do is ask me.

You already know how I feel about you.
I know that I am younger than the men you are used to dating probably
It might be weird at first dating someone the same age as your son.

But we are both adults and lets face it, Karen
the men you have dated–the men your own age–havent exactly been top drawer material.
Maybe its time you tried something different.
Maybe instead of looking at the outside of a man so much, you should be looking at the inside Milf brunette tits freeones.
at their heart.

And if you do look at the heart
well you Sex web sites hong kong. wont find anyone who would be more committed or more dedicated to making you happy than me.
I said.
Karen lay there for a few moments digesting what I had said.

I waited for her to say something but she didnt
for an agonizingly long time.
I was beginning to think I had made a terrible mistake and embarrassed myself beyond repair with this woman.
Just as I began mentally packing my bags to leave town forever, she spoke up.

Johnny, I understand what you have told me here and you are right–my luck in guys leaves a lot to be desired.
I am tired of being alone.
Since Paul left for college this house has been more like a prison than a home.

And then the divorce turned it into solitary confinement.
To tell you the truth, the idea of selling this place and moving to start a new life has crossed my mind more than once.
Getting out from under this house and all the bad Bisexual brando marlon. memories for a fresh start is appealing.

But someone once said running away from your problems never works because you bring most of them with you.

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