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I kept pulling and thrusting.
My moans soon became to cries as I was lost in the world of pleasure.
Oh to feel that thick meat inside me, that would be too good to be true.

Love’s a game of players Though not all quite the same, The most dangerous players of all Are those addicted to the game They move quickly through the others Collecting hearts along Sri lanka girls sex photos. the way, Not caring who is left behind As long as they can play Thinking they are skillful Pretending to be real, Know how to make you want them, know how to make you feel The tactics that are used Very often lead to tears, They find out all your weaknesses And play upon your fears Once they feel they have the power Their ego starts to soar, The lengths that some will go to Would shock you to your core They thrive on the attention It means the game is going well, They’ll talk about their feelings And insist you also tell If it feels they might be losing They’ll change the way they play, Act as if unwanted And suggest they’ll go away You’ll feel your heart sink low As you beg and cry and plead, This let’s them know their winning And serves to feed their need They’ll tell you that they love you But secretly it’s fake, They’ll stop at almost nothing Even if your hearts at stake But no matter how you try Their hearts you’ll never tame, Because although they love to love They’re just addicted to the game I’m home and I need my sexy daddy. Christmas devotions for adults.
My pussy is so wet and I’ve been wanting to ride your cock all day.

I greet you at the door naked like I always do.
You tell me to wait and that you’re tired. Live webcam dating sites for free no sign up.
My daddy just wants to relax, but I’ve been thinking about you all day.

I don’t listen.
I’m a bad slave and whine when I don’t get my way.
You sit down in your favorite chair so you can watch the game.
You want me naked and on my knees by your side.
I kneel next to you.

You pet my hair a few times and send me to get your beer.
Then, you ignore me.
I start to rub my cunt because I’m aching for you.
You warn me again.

You tell me that I’m being naughty and if I do it again, you’ll punish me.
I can’t help it.
My Daddy is so sexy and I just want his attention, so I start to rub my clit again.

You catch my wrist, twisting it.
You move fast to pull me over your knee.

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