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Both of my arms were wrapped around Doreen with one across her chest and the other around her belly.
My morning wood was tightly lodged between her cheeks and was already leaking semen.
Slowly, I started pumping it between them and realized that my leakage had her entire butt-crack slick.

As I continued my imperceptible movement, Doreen started to move her ass in concert with my actions.
Seemingly impatient with my laggard locomotion, she pushed back until my hard-on was at her flower’s entrance and pushed back more.

Only the head slid in, but it was enough for her at the moment, and she sighed deeply while continuing her animation.
I had been stagnant while she coerced my tip into her warm and welcoming opening but now started to rock in time with her.

As her sighs elevated, I noticed her left arm moving in Sue’s crotch.
As soft groans began to escalate from Sue too, I added to the harmony while pushing deeper into Doreen.
Both of my hands moved to Doreen’s rigid nipples to add to her gratification.

The action was still moving at a snail’s pace to prolong the satisfaction. Desi ratnasari cumshots sex.
Doreen was working on one of Sue’s nipples with her free hand as she nibbled on her neck.
I followed her example as I partook of her neck and earlobes.

Doreen trembled softly before I felt a warm flood of her secretions engulf my pistoning penis.
It was the calmest climax that she’d ever had with me, and I was Kerri kraven anal. proud that I brought her there so easily.

I honestly couldn’t take too much credit since I now believed that her entire body was an erogenous zone.
This girl, more than any other I’d ever met, was designed for life-altering intimacy.

As our coitus continued, I moved one of my hands from Doreen’s breast and slipped it between Sue’s cheeks in search of access to an opening.
Lubrication wasn’t a problem with her either, as her juices flowed from Doreen’s expert manipulations.

I initially moved to her slippery box and inserted two fingers, while Doreen continued to wrangle her sensitive clit.
I kept the same pace probing her with my fingers as I continued to do with my member in Doreen. Transexual pono com.
I hoped that both of them would climax simultaneously from my efforts.

With Doreen seemingly ahead of Sue in the run to orgasm, I added a third finger to Sue’s flutteringly steamy beaver.
The pace was still slack, but we were all feeling the ecstasy building to a euphoric conclusion.

I was close enough that another one of Doreen’s cock-clenching orgasms would put me over the edge.
I pushed my thumb into Sue’s anus while tonguing Doreen’s ear, and we were all pushed into heaven.

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Turkish girl hairy nude gallery photos.