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My own hand wasn’t still, as I wormed it behind the waistband of his pants and found his throbbing cock.
My fingers wrapped lightly and I began to stroke the stiff organ, slowly at first, enjoying the feel of the supple flesh in my palm and the slick pre-cum gathering at the tip with each pass of my thumb.

I wanted this cock buried in my aching pussy.
As I worked his cock, his free hand moved and found the heated wetness between my thighs.
I couldn’t stop the moan as he tugged the dress up and his skillful fingers slid behind the meager lace panties covering my sopping cunt.

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I bit my bottom lip to keep from crying out as his fingers danced across my throbbing clit and slid further back to my weeping hole where two fingers found a place to nestle in the velvet heat.
My hips jerked as he began to move his hand slowly, teasing me even higher and I matched his pace with my hand around his cock.

Yes, we were anxious and eager but there was no denying the deliciously sinful feel of what we were doing.
I could feel his hot breath against my neck and lascivious whispers in my ear. Dildos at work.
My entire body trembled as each filthy word passed his lips and took seed within my mind.

His fingers were like magic as they fucked my aching cunt and the heel of his hand moved against my throbbing clit.
The urgency I’d felt only grew and seemed to explode as his hands played me like a well tuned instrument.

I felt his lips and teeth against the soft flesh of my neck and bit my bottom lip again to keep from notifying the masses outside the door what was happening inside this closet.
Each touch, whisper and moan was like a wildfire in my soul.

His expert fingers in my cunt and on my breasts only inflamed me further causing my grip on his cock to tighten and the strokes to grow with need.
I wanted him in the same state I was… lingering on the precipice and about to fall.

I felt his hips begin to thrust against my stroking hand, his own moving in the same rhythm, forcing me further toward the peak.
I Tommy gun porn. knew I wouldn’t last much longer, the need and urgency too much.

His mouth suckled the tender flesh of my neck; fingers pinched and twisted my sensitive nipples while he pulled his fingers free of my contracting cunt only to drag the slick digits to my clit.
His husky whisper met my ear, Cum.

It was a single word, a simple word and with it the world shattered as my body tensed then exploded.
He had the sense enough to pull his hand away from my breasts and tightly cover my mouth.
It didn’t completely hide the moan that ripped through my throat and against his hand but it was enough to ensure that our secret would be kept… at least for now.

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True ameture nudes.