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I want it in me now! Then I penetrate myself with the replica of my husbands cock.
The angle isnt conducive to really hard thrusting, but hard enough.
My old self might be a little embarrassed at the noisy way my pussy sucks the dildo into itself, but not my new self.
Fuck me!

I breathe, moving the toy back and forth.
Your cock feels so good inside me! Thats better.

Thats a direct message to John.
I continue thrusting, hearing my juices slurp on the dildo.
But I need to give Mark a message to.

I love being fucked like this, I breathe.
I think about it all the time, about you fucking me from behind, just coming up behind me and taking what you want.
I moan out loud, thinking of Marks thick cock, the way hes wanking it behind me.
Fuck me!

Fuck me! I moan.
If he takes me seriously it will ruin the recording, but I wont say no.

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But Mark is nothing if not reassuringly obedient.
Theres not a movement nor a sound from him as I continue working the dildo inside me.

I give up on speaking, concentrating on the sensation of my insides closing round the dildo, concentrating on my fantasy of Mark fucking me as I moan with delight.
I dont want to cheat on John, but here I am again, knowing that if Mark came up behind me and stuck that delicious, thick cock in me, Id let him.

I wouldnt be able to resist.
oooh! Aaaaaaaah! I moan.
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Im tightening with the thought of my secret admirer taking what he wants of me.
But its not orgasm time.
Not yet.

I slide the dildo out of myself and turn round again, doing everything in my power not to look at Mark.
That was so good, I breathe.
The little bottle of oil is close at hand.
I get on my back, spreading my legs, keeping my eye on the screen.

I squeeze oil onto my mound, the one I always keep immaculate, because its how I imagine the women I imagine John potentially straying with.
As if Im not straying myself.
I push the healthy dollop down, rubbing my labia, massaging my pussy.
I add more oil.

Therell probably be a stain on the carpet, but I dont care.
I watch as Black and white gay pride symbols. my already wet pussy becomes shiny and slippery and oily and sloppy.

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