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Once you suck a mans dick.

Our tongues mingled as her hand jerked me off hard.
I could taste my own cock on her mouth.
Salty precum tasted better than I thought.

Her hand dropped from my cock and cupped my balls.
She gently squeezed, making me feel the pain.
She had full control over me, and she knew it.

Sean, you gonna give me your load? You gonna cum in my mouth and watch me swallow it all.
I grunted a yes and she smiled.

She went back down to my cock and gave a few long licks over my shaft.

She took my balls into her mouth, sucking one, then the other.
She sucked and licked on my balls before going back to my cock.
I rested my hand on her head and gently rocked my hips up and down.

She seemed to relish this and took my cock deeper into her mouth.
I didnt want to cum so quick.
I wanted to make it last so I pushed her head away.
I lay her back on the bed and kissed her deeply once more. Naturist nudist lif.
I got Tumblr nudit ass bent milf gif. to my knees as she lay in front of me.

I had a great view of her back and perfect panty covered ass.
She took my cock back in to her mouth and started to slurp at it once more.
In this position I held her head and started to fuck her mouth.

I enjoyed taking control and soon I was forcing my cock down her throat, making her gag slightly.
She seemed to relish getting her mouth fucked by me.
I held her head on my cock Asian wife suking dick., keeping it all the way down her throat.

Her gargling and gagging made me feel even harder.
Melissa looked up at me as she gagged on my cock.
It turned me on so much.
The thought that a girl loves my cock more than air made me feel so good.

I knew I couldnt hold back.
I started to get that tingle in my toes.
Slowly my butt started to clench and I could not hold back.
With a grunt I shot my load into Melissas mouth.

She sucked hard, still looking up into my eyes.
She squeezed my cock upwards extracting all of my cream.
She licked the last drips off the tip oh my cock and licked her lips.
I lay back panting as Melissa climbed on top of me and kissed me deeply.
I could taste my own sweet cum on her lips.

We made out slowly as my eyes started to close.

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The perfect maid brazzers.