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But I saw you, and you saw me seeing you.
And Gay blakemason marcus jack. smiling together, at our secret little joke.
Whats funny they would ask? What is it? Nothing.
And we would smile.
Then the seeking, the yearning to be together.

Secretly together, with quick touches, a little kiss, or two.
Feeling the heat of your body, as you felt me.

The need, the passion, growing, growing so strong and attracting our bodies together.
Groping, caressing, wanting more and more.

Needing more.
Each secret rendezvous was short, so short.
Too fast but so fulfilling, completing the urge, the passion and the glory of fated love.
You opened your body to me, and I gave you all of me, all I had to give.

My heat, and my praise, and my worship.
Of you, my precious treasure.
My own, discovered at last, and never to be given up.
No, it would never end. Batang bata pinay.
Oh god, let it never end.
The pounding thrusting tempo of lustful elation, as you felt me worshiping your body with mine.

Crying out your love and your need for me.
No, it would never end.
Oh god, let it never end.
Please, let us never let it end.
Our secret.

I am stuck in a world of confusion, Not knowing where exactly I stand, You tell me you love me, Then go and leave me, I dont even know which way is up.
The things that I go through, On my never-ending roller-coaster with you, A million highs and lows, Twists and turns and sometimes a spiral, Relentless and leaving me blue.

Im bouncing around like a rubber bullet Discreet camden dating., Ricocheting off walls and rebounding everywhere, Never sure of where my target is, Your love confounds me, Your lack of love too.
So do me a favour, Settle down, Let me know where I lie, And maybe have a cup of tea, And sit with me a while.

She already knew his fantasy (Ill write about it once its happened!) and laying in the darkness, sleepless at 12pm it could still get her blood pumping, but tonight Mias thoughts were wondering back to her school years.
Only yesterday she had received a message from an old friend.
Natalie had been the quiet one at school but had unexpectedly made a great friend to Mia.

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The in carbon dating.