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Yes, all the time I was reminded him that I was his moms friend and I was saying so because it was exciting him more and he was fucking me harder after hearing that.
Adam pulled out his cock from my pussy after he made me cum again.

He came near my head and shot his cum all over my boobs and face.
Adam was exhausted now and so was I.
He lay down next to me with his hand wrapped around my big boobs, and I didnt realize when he fell asleep.

I could have gone to sleep with him and not moved his hand from my boobs, but as I was drenched in cum, I had to clean myself.
I got out of the bed and took a quick shower.
Before stepping into the shower, I looked at myself in the mirror.

Adams cum all over my body was telling me that he loved me a lot. Fetish live cams.
May be it was his addiction or lust and he was mistaking it with love, or maybe I was not realizing his love.
Whatever it was, I enjoyed every second of this beautiful night with him.

After taking a shower, I came back to the bedroom.
I adjusted the pillows and sheets on my bed trying not to disturb Adam.
I put on a blanket on him and then sat down in a chair near the window.
I lit a cigarette and enjoyed Any female mossbank. the cool air hitting my naked body.

I looked at Adam, he looked beautiful sleeping in my bed.
I smiled to see him in my bed and I said to myself that, Adam wont leave me for a young girl like Annie.
I sat there on the chair for a while and then came back to the bed.
I didnt know why but I couldnt sleep the whole night.

I smoked a few more cigarettes, had a drink and thought about all the time when Adam fucked me.
Our first fuck, the time when I caught him with my bra, the time when he teased me under the table in Married but looking in hot springs village ar. a restaurant.
I had never thought this much about Adam, but all of a sudden… I just wanted to be very close to him.

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