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I smiled and said, I am open for any suggestion at this point! The past few days had been horrendous for Steve, struggling to coordinate car rentals, flights and his auditing schedule.

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Five branch offices a week was doable if he found no serious discrepancies but it still posed the usual stress of getting where he needed to be on a daily basis.
Thankfully today was the last leg of his journey for the week and he opted to spend the night here in Savannah and get some much deserved rest.

The Savannah Inn was an older hotel in an older Gay black fist. section of town but nestled in a quiet tree laden area where quiet would be the key word.
The rooms were all accessible from an outside terrace that surrounded each floor.

The front and back of the rectangular structure had standard rooms, while lush suites were available from the sides. Older women seeking men khagholeq.
Steve had just returned from dinner at a nearby restaurant.

The southern cuisine was excellent and the portions too much to allow dessert afterwards, but he did drink enough wine just to relax before going back to his room.
As he rounded the corner coming out of the elevator on his floor he saw a woman outside one of the suites.

She was dressed in a dark blue blouse and skirt, the latter of which he considered much too short for a woman her age.
She had gray hair but her face lacked the usual wrinkles that accompany an older women.
He estimated she might be in her mid to late 50s.

She had an air of professionalism about her as she leaned on the rail that closed in the terrace.
His attention initially was drawn to her legs.
Steve was admittedly a leg man and she had great legs, perfectly proportioned for her height with a dancers calves.

His eyes were traveling up her legs and admiring her slender frame when he realized she was looking at him.

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