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Seems pretty obvious to me she fancies Ian, what I’m not so sure about is if the feeling’s mutual.
He’s spoken a fair bit about her in recent times too, I’ve even witnessed the odd argument with his wife and her name is usually to the fore.

Pat’s obviously already aware of the threat this woman may pose to both her and their marriage.
My thoughts come back to the present, and I look at the clock once more and its thirty five minutes now.
Fuck this! I think to myself and opening the door I get out of the car.

I walk across the road and down the drive.
I knock on the door but there’s no answer.
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Obviously they can’t hear me, I think and with that take it upon myself to enter the house.

I pop my head round the door of the front room but there’s no one there, the kitchen is also similarly empty.
As I stand there wondering where they can possibly be, I hear the first signs of life, faint noises coming from the room directly above here, upstairs.

Ah ha! I presume the office must be upstairs, so I decide to go up and find them and remind Ian that we need to be getting a move on or we’ll be late at this rate.

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As I reach the staircase I hear Chrissie’s voice talking gently, softly and seductively together with gentle laughter and muffled, rhythmic banging.
Something’s not right, I think to myself, so I creep along the corridor now, careful as I can.

But it’s not my house, I don’t know the ins and outs of it, and a floorboard beneath my foot creaks out loud.
I stand frozen to the spot, like a soldier who’s just inadvertently stepped on a landmine.
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The noises from the room continue unabated and I allow myself to breathe again.

Slowly, surely, I edge towards the room from which they’re emanating.
As I reach the door, it isn’t closed, but isn’t open enough for me to see into the room either.
Their voices are urgent but hushed, like they don’t want to be heard or found out.

I ever so gently push the door open, inch by inch, and as I do, can slowly start to make out what is being said.
Don’t stop, Ian.
Don’t stop fucking meeee.
is the first thing I clearly hear and I freeze on the spot, a mixture of emotions surging through me as my suspicions are confirmed.

I feel as if I owe it to Ian’s wife to storm in at this point, but something inside stops me.
Instead, I gather myself and slowly start to move the door open a little more.
Oh Chrissie!

I hear Ian’s voice say.
The door is now over half way ajar and I can now see a large double wardrobe, with what looks like, yes it is, a full length mirror running down its middle.

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Teen sex swap girl talks.