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Lisa looked up at me and just smiled.
I’ll show you your locker, the lady said as she grabbed Lisa on the elbow.
All the men in the building were now staring at Lisa as we sauntered down the corridor.
You can both have number 38, she said pulling the door open.

Just ask for the key at the bar.
I’ll ring Leanne, Lisa said as she pulled her phone out of the bag.
Sorry love, the lady said as she put a hand over the phone, No mobiles allowed but you can call from the bar.
Oh shit, Sex chat operator. sorry, she said as she tucked it back into the bag.

Did you bring something to wear? the lady asked Lisa.
Umm, no, Lisa just smiled again but this time the stoned glazed look was clearly obvious.
I’ll just wear my panties.
I figured I had to wear the towel so we stripped off and both of us stood in the corridor.

I thought they said it was couples only, I asked her.
That’s what Leanne said, Lisa said, Lets go have a drink and wait for them.
As we entered the bar a couple of guys made space at one of the tables and waved us over.

Hi, one of them said, First time here? Yeah, I said, some friends told us about it. Panties transparente.
Cool, another said, Would you like a quick tour?

That’d be nice, Lisa said.
Lisa looked extremely hot as she confidently stood amongst all these men in nothing but a pair of black lace knickers.
I grabbed two beers and went back to the table.

Ok, one bloke said, I’m Bill and I’ll show you around if you like.
That’d be nice, Lisa said, her stoned face smiling at everyone.
Obviously this is the bar, he waved his hand around before pointing into the next room, in there is the lounge and spa.

Two black leather lounges sat opposite a large spa with large mirrors against the wall.
A coffin shaped coffee table sat in the middle of the room.
In a few hours there’ll be a few more people here, Bill said.

Which means if you want to make use of this room in here, he tapped on the door before opening it, which is the private room.
You may want to get in there early.
The bed in the room was a massive wooden creation with ‘Sin Sity’ carved into the side.

On the bed was a stunning short-haired brunette bouncing up and down on some bloke beneath her.
Of course I thought ‘How unfortunate to misspell something when you are carving.

‘ I saw out of the corner of my eye a smaller alcove with a leather swing on the left, a wooden rack on the right and some shackles hanging from the wall.
This looks interesting, Lisa said as she pushed the swing.
‘It’s very popular, Bill said.

But not nearly as popular as what happens Felisitiya hindi porn sex chat. upstairs.

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Teen model skirt pantyhose.