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Patrick rises up on to one elbow, grasping his cock in the other hand.
I feel desire well up inside of me as I watch him stroke his cock rhythmically.
He brings the head to rest on my cunt lips, and begins to drag it up and down along my wet slit.

I’m panting and arching in to him, attempting any penetration I can get.
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Maddeningly he just continues this pattern, occasionally dragging his cock higher to rub across my engorged clit which sends shudders through me with each stroke.

I can feel tears in the corners of my eyes I’m so crazy with need for his cock.
Please Patrick.
fuck me.

I can’t take this… I need to come so.
so badly.
My plea appears to undo him, and he plunges his entire cock deep in to my wet and swollen cunt and we both scream out the same time.

Patrick holds himself there, allowing my cunt to adjust to his size before starting a slow and sensuous rhythm, penetrating me fully each time.
I can feel his heavy balls landing on my perineum and ass each with each stoke which only adds to my aching need to come.

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I can feel my orgasm building, and when he reaches down and uses his hands to push my thighs up against my belly the angle causes his cock to rub my g-spot in such a way that Webcam chat girl. sensations begin to crash through every muscle in my body and I begin to thrust even harder.
Patrick instructs me to hold my own legs in place, then reaches a hand down and begins to stroke my clit back and forth, firmly over my pubic bone until he senses I’m about to come.

I’m shaking hard and I have my eyes clenched shut trying to keep my orgasm from happening but I can feel the tidal wave cresting and I can’t hold back much longer.
My juices are dripping from my cunt over my asshole and down my crack.
Do not come! Open your eyes and look at me.

Patrick commands with a growl.
I force my eyes open and stare in to those icy-blue eyes that only last night I fell asleep dreaming about.
Wait Corrine… just wait a little more.

Then, with an almost evil smile on his sensuous lips, his other hand reaches underneath me and I feel two digits pressing against the tight ring of my asshole.
He looks at me to see if I protest.
I don’t.

His smile broadens as he smoothly pushes one, then the other finger in to my well lubricated asshole and holds them there while his other hand strokes my clit even harder.
Tears are now freely flowing down the side of my head but I keep my eyes open and locked with his.
Come Corrine….

Come now! With those words my orgasm explodes and reaches every nerve in my body.

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