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I didnt have any sisters to have Let s do the sex. feelings for, my daughter is the next best thing, but it still isnt an excuse.
Like we said before, its nothing to be ashamed of.
You cant help whom you develop feelings for.

You never know, she might feel that same way about you, it happened for us, Lisa said.
I would feel better if it wasnt my daughter, but I dont have a sister like you do.
Were like your sisters.

These last few months weve grown close to you like you were our own flesh and blood sister.
Hell weve even tried on clothes together, I joked.

She eases up a little.
Thats true, I do kinda see you like family now.

And it doesnt feel weird that weve had fantasies about you, Lisa said.
What? You do?

Of course, for a while now.
Havent you noticed during our clothing sessions I tend to feel you up more than I should? Squeezing your boobs, your ass, even your thighs, I followed.

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I thought you were just making sure everything fit.
I was, but I also wanted to feel you up, and do more than that, I said.
I didnt know that.

Well now that you do, how do you feel about it? Lisa asked.
I dont know, Im just so confused right now.
I looked at Lisa and nodded.
We both got up, bearing our bare necessities to Marie as we did, walked over to her, each of us grabbing an arm, and guided her to the bed.

What are you doing? Were gonna help you find out how you feel, Lisa said.
I dont know, this is all so sudden for me.
Just trust us, if you dont like how its going, you can stop us at any time, I said.

She sighed and finally relaxed, and I knew we had her.
I turned her head towards me and kissed her, pressing my lips softly, but firmly to hers.
At first she didnt move, but when Lisa started to massage her tits through her shirt she quickly loosened up and let her guard down.

While I was kissing her I heard a radio come on, and knew it was coming from Randys room where Rita and Stephanie were since there was Redkellykitty sex online chat. no one else in the house.
They werent fooling anyone, I knew what they were doing, or at least about to do, and I was getting ready to do the same thing.

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