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I could feel him slowing down inside me, and then pull out as he slumped over my back.
I lay there too, recovering, and he stood up, and then bent over me again and, tilting my chin up with his hand, kissed me for the first time.
It took him a minute or two to get me untied.

I could feel that I was going to have bruises across the tops of my thighs from where he had pounded me into the table, and despite the orgasm I had just had, I was looking for more.
I picked up the rope and walked over to where he was standing.

I kissed him and took his wrists in mine and slipped around behind him.
What are.
he started but I was already knotting the rope.
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Amatuer homemade bisex tube.

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I stood in disbelief as Brittany rubbed her nipple in front of me.
She just stared in my eyes and looked through me.
I could tell she really wanted me.
I have never had a girl be this hot for me before.
It really turned me on.

I myself was tired from the night before but my partner in crime was ready for action.
Before I knew it Brittany had the other side of her shirt lifted and both tits were staring me in the face.
She started pushing them together and propping them up.

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