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he whispered.
Act it up for the camera! I’m not acting up! I grunted.
My cock’s gone proper hard again! I don’t know why, but being bent over like that and feeling another fella’s massive schlong ramming in and out of my bum had really got me really horny.

My cock was feeling full-on boned, straining and pulsating with the veins sticking up in knots the way that girls say creeps them out.
Reece pulled me up so that my back was against his chest and reached down and started beating at my shaft while his own rammed in and out of me.

I grunted my thanks: Jeez, having him wank me off felt so fucking good! I could suddenly smell Reece’s own distinct Fuck buddies dyersburg. butt stink really strongly again; it took me a few seconds to work out why.

It was on my dick as he was jerking my foreskin up and down; smeared over my cock head and streaked down the shaft.
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I asked him, grabbing him by the shoulders.
Just move against me like you’re fucking a girl, he said, and we’ll both make on like we’re really loving it! I laughed.

But not too full-on, I reminded him.
Not like last time.
I pulled my dick out a bit, like you do when you’re starting to fuck, and the smell from his arse hit me full on.

Oh Jesus, I muttered to him, working up a slow rhythm.
It fucking stinks doing this! My bum? he asked, sounding a bit freaked out.
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Naughty reviews.

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The three of us laughed, but obviously David didn’t get it.
We looked at each other and nodded.
Rachel told him of our love for each other and how it had all started so many years ago.

When David looked at me strangely, Rachel reminded him that she had chosen and seduced me, not the other way around.
We still have plenty of great sex; every now and then she breaks out the strap-on and gives me the fucking I need and deserve so badly.

Who would have thought that three simple, inconsequential and apparently unconnected decisions—to work as a sub; to take a job at the high school that I really didn’t want; and to seat the kids in reverse alphabetical order, a move that put Rachel and me in close proximity—would have such dramatic impact on my life.
I was practically a hermit before meeting Rachel and Becky and I wound up with two wonderful lovers.

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We’re gonna have them over a barrel – hook, line and sinker! And you’re absolutely sure they’re not gonna think it is the real deal, mate? I asked.

He looked at me like I’d insulted him.
I went on, I mean, won’t they say we were actually butt-fucking each other? Isn’t that what we were doing? Fuck me, Jordan! Of course they fucking won’t!

Don’t go saying shit like that! But our dicks were up each other’s arses, mate.
We both spunked off.
Oh, come on, you knob-head.
I keep telling you, it doesn’t mean diddly fuck ’cause we’re not gay! Is that how it works then?

Of course it does! This was a just a joke.
The guys’ll be rolling on the floor when they see the two of us doing this shit.
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It’s like totally convincing.
Reece grinned.
Yeah – even had me fooled.
Tomo said, How d’ya do it, then?

Stick you guys’ heads on a gay porno or something? Flanners laughed over from the next table.
Oh yeah, I saw someone do that with ‘Silence of the Lambs’ during the World Cup.
Stuck Louis Suarez’ head on Hannibal Lecter’s body!

The other guys watched the film again, pointing out the bits where they thought our heads didn’t quite match up with the bodies and Tomo laughed that there was no way Reece’s cock was as big as the guy in the movie.
While they were pausing it over and over, trying to spot a glitch, Callum – who’s usually the quiet one of our group – leaned over to me and said, That’s some pretty impressive editing, Jordan.

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Lower down, you dumb-head! he called out.
What d’ya mean, lower down? You’ve got to push it in lower down, Jordan.
Where my hole is.
I’m not pushing it down there, you div.

I’d noticed he had a few skid-marks on his undies.
I didn’t want my knob-end anywhere near those had come from.
Come on, it isn’t gonna look like your bodging me if your todger isn’t in the right place.

I moved it a bit lower, hoping not to go too close to his pooper, and again I was surprised at how good it felt.
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