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You know that, right?’ the doctor said.
‘ the lawyer began.
‘Look, what do you think will happen here?’ The professor looked up, and for the first time, he seemed to take notice of the others’ doubts.

‘Just humour me for a bit then,’ he said.
‘Fine,’ said the lawyer, and the doctor nodded reluctantly.
Now then.
When I’m done with the prayer, we all go under at the same time and stay submerged for as long as possible.
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Splash! The lawyer had imitated the professor and leapt in, and the doctor screamed as a small wave washed over her.
‘Oy!’ ‘Woah.
That feels great,’ the lawyer stared at his wet hand in wonder.
Droplets of water crawled across the doctor’s skin, causing much more of the lovely tingly feeling.

Sod it, she thought, took a deep breath, and with a push dropped in as well.
The water was cool and refreshing, and a strange excitement began to build inside of her.

There was a serene calm under the surface, and the doctor felt happy in the dark quiet depth, enjoying the sudden stillness until her breath had very nearly run out.
The rustling of leaves and the twittering of songbirds returned along with the golden daylight, and she turned to look at the men.
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