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Step by step guide to having sex.

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My body was quite feminine for not starting out as a female.
My arms took on a more feminine shape as well as my legs.
My thighs had become fleshier.

My hips had become wider through a process called skeletal augmentation.
My penis stuck out stiff and long.
I pulled it up and turned my body.

I saw for the first time the dark fleshy lips of my pussy.
I watched my hands caress my body.
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Laryne laroche interracial.

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I looked up briefly and saw Rachel staring right at me.
Rather than cover up, she spread her legs even further, pushed her hips forward, smiled and gave me a big wink.
Then she put a finger deep into her pussy.

It was glistening with pussy juice when she took it out, toasted me with it and licked it clean.
What the fuck was going on here? She went right back to work leaving her hot cunt right in front of my eyes.

I figured if she didn’t mind my looking, I certainly didn’t mind either so I never did get to those exams.
I just gazed at that hot dripping cunt the entire period.
Chapter 3 From then on I got a glimpse of Rachel’s snatch every single day.
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