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Bingo is a favored activity.
They have all kinds of groups and activities to entertain the residents.
They try to make it a nice place to live.

The people that live there are people that need assistance in their daily living.
For an extra charge men and women can get their hair cut and styled.
A local beauty consultant comes in to do the hairstyles for the residents.
Most of the ladies get their hair done weekly.

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Twice a month, they hire a make-up artist to come in and do make-up for the lady residents.
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A young woman that is of great interest to me, her condition is what fascinates me, to be exact.
By all accounts of what we hold true in medicine and science, she should not be amongst the living.
Yet, for five days, she breathes and lives with a rather large, sliver of wood lodged in her chest.

The wood might have punctured her heart.
She is a barmaid.
She is also an innocent victim of a donnybrook that erupted in the tavern she is employed at.
I would like to assist her in any way I am able.
But, I replied when William paused.

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