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Big uncensored naked boobs.

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Fuckin maid.

I eventually got her to calm down after a good crying session, hugs and a cup of tea I finally got it out of her.
I was to become his number 69.
His newest Odalisque in the Imperial harem.

I was to be sold and trained in skills he found attractive in a lover, wife and potential mother of his children.
If I was a well-rounded, skilled Odalisque I would make my way up the harem hierarchy quickly, with the potential to become a Kadin, a favoured one, a wife.

The Sultans plan and mine were two very different things altogether.
My escape plan
He would not take no for an answer, so my only hope was to run.
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Erotic jigsaw puzzle playboy.

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Female demon has sex.

’ ‘You spoke to me after you got here on Sunday morning.
’ ‘Did I? I don’t remember.
Andy what happened? Did someone beat me up at the club?’ ‘You got a lift with a guy at the club and he crashed his car.
You were lucky to get out alive.

’ ‘Shit.
Who was the driver?’ ‘Someone called Elroy.
Sue said you were attracted to his huge cock.

’ ‘Sue? Sue was at the club? Um, yes, you took both of us.
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