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The mirror was suspended from the wall in the lounge, directly above the television with a perfect sight line of the sofa.
There were also a couple of microphones which had been well hidden in the material of the lampshades.

I can assure you that this surveillance system had already been put to very good use on one or two previous occasions.
The apartment had been expensively and tastefully decorated and was home to me and my pet dog, Fido Now, I was patiently waiting for Emma to again arrive so that I could go out on the town with friends for the evening.

The anticipation of seeing this sixteen year old beauty had already got me quite excited, and I knew that this feeling would only increase as the evening continued.
The buzzer downstairs sounded, and I quickly checked that the camera was running before I allowed Emma entry into the building.

I was actually quite hard when the knock at my Exclusive dating agency. front door came a couple of minutes later.
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