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And my god, ever since she told me to kiss her that day, all I could do was imagining it over and over again.
If I closed my eyes, I could still feel her body against mine, her hands in my hair and her soft lips against mine, her intoxicating perfume and her sweet, sweet delicious moan.

God, I longed to kiss her again and fuck her as I had Haylie.
I lay on my bed and started to stroke my now hard cock as I imagined fucking Jenny and hearing her sweet moans.

I imagined her pussy so fucking tight and her legs wrapped around me as I continued to fuck her, opening up her pussy to accept my size.
It would be a perfect fit.

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My cum spurted up hitting my Quick hook up adelaide sex. stomach as I came and I lay there on the bed, not nearly as satisfied as I would have been if I was with Jenny.
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