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She bent over picked them up and handed them to Vic.
When we arrived at our floor, Barbara cheeks red but head held high walked 10 paces behind us to our room.
We had a suit where the bedroom was in a loft.
We headed upstairs and Barbara excused herself to go to the bathroom.

She told me later that she was so hot and turned on but almost had a panic attack in the bathroom about what was about to take place.
Barbara had decided in the bar that she was going to go through with it and fuck Vic tonight but had no idea that it would involve getting naked in the elevator and then walking naked down the hall.

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Vic was sitting on the bed and I was sitting on a chair.
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She turns to look at me, a shocked look on her face.
As our eyes lock, I see the look of of lust and passion.
I grab her by the shoulders and push her against the wall of the elevator.
She smiles, realizing who I am.

But how did she know? I know now she is mine for the taking.
With my body pressing her against the wall, I run my hand under her tight skirt .
She parts her tan legs, giving me access to her thong covered pussy.
She is soaked! I lean in and kiss her on the lips, gently at first.

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You can go on to the elevator and Ill meet you there.
When I came back out I had a good view of the elevator so I stood there for a couple of minutes.
They were making out while they were waiting for me.

I held my position for a little while so they could continue heating each other up.
When I got to the elevator they didnt notice me right away.
I saw that she had her hand on his cock outside of his pants and he was rubbing her pussy through her pants.

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Later Barbara had told me that her pussy was so wet that it had soaked her pants and she had never been that wet before. Adult nurse practitioner exam.
I opened the door and they both kind of jumped.
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I watched them through the doors as long as I could, seeing them walk towards the elevators until they were out of sight.
I wondered if she would go straight to his room.
Cheryl is a few years younger than I at 59.

Shes a big girl…a BBW, if you will.
At 55 tall I guess she weighs about 250lb.
Big, 42DD tits, big ass, nicely thickened thighs and a big round belly that is admittedly a little larger than what might be considered in proportion but with just the right amount of sag.

All in all, a lovely big girl – I like her body type very much.
Finishing my smoke, I headed upstairs to our room. Chat and dating sexy free kamera.
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