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Drive step mom.

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2ft dildo up ass.

I felt Brittany shift her body on the bed.
I opened my eyes to see Brittany next to me swinging her leg over my head as to straddle my face.
Eat my fucking pussy, Brittany commanded as she straddled my face planting herself on my lips.
I started on her clit.

Flutter tonguing her pleasure button.
She took her breast in her hand and began massaging her breast and pinching her nipple.
She used her other hand to grab my head and force it deeper into her slit.
I penetrated her with my tongue.

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Hot foot worship.

surfergirl121 seduction
Hot tits lesbo xxx.

We spent most of the afternoon like this.
Occasionally I would lift her onto the rock and lick her pussy, often allowing my tongue to snake down to her ass and flick inside.
She too would take opportunities to lift me up onto a rock and wrap her lips around me, taking me deep into her throat.

She would softly slip a finger into my ass while her tongue worked on the length of my shaft.
It was pure ecstasy.
We keep our attentions light, prolonging the pleasure as long as possible.

On a few more occasions, things got heated as we drove each other to orgasm, then switching back to a slow relaxed pace.
Before we knew it, the day was drawing to a close.
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