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As Amanda had predicted, it only took two oval imprints to cover each of side of Charley’s ass.
After four kisses from the new pink hairbrush, Charley’s entire bottom was marked.
From now on, Abby knew, the rest were gravy.
And Charley knew it too.
Never a new spot to be hit.

His Sweet Abby kept hitting one tender spot after another.
Charley’s tortured bottom rolled and twisted.
No matter what he did, Abby was right on point.

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Caroline came home at 6.
00pm, full of her lunchtime gossip with Jennifer.
She was wearing yet another new work outfit – this time a tight charcoal-grey suit worn with a long pink satin scarf and grey nylons.

(She looked great!) I went to greet her with a hug and attempted a kiss.
Not now darling, you’ll mess up my lipstick, she protested.
What can I smell in the oven? Over our meal, she continued her narrative about lunch with Jennifer.
She said she’s going to pay for your time.

Isn’t that great Peter? I’ve been running up some serious credit-card debt lately, so it will be a big help.
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Ignoring his blubbering, Abby slipped her thumbs inside the elastic of Charley shorts and brought them down to his knees.
Abby then grabbed the fully erect organ pointing at her face and placed Charley into spanking position.
You know the rules, Charley.

Hold onto the chair legs or the count begins anew.
You may cry all you want, as no one is in the building at night.
Abby had specially chosen this loft as her apartment, as the warehouse below emptied at 5:00 P.

Feeling Charley’s member stiffen a bit, Abby placed it between her thighs, pointing down.
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