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Fucking busty mature blacks.

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I can taste his pre-cum as it continues to leak from is cock.
The smell of musk and sweat, combined with the salty taste fills my senses.
I find my rhythm and begin to create more suction as I bob my head back and forth over his length.

I can feel his cock throbbing and thickening even more, his balls tighten and his hands suddenly grasp my hair close to my scalp creating a delicious, almost painful sensation over my head and down my neck.
My pussy is clenching with need; my juices begin to escape my panties on to my thighs.

I think he’s about to take over, but instead pulls his cock abruptly from my wet mouth with a painful moan.
Drool is dripping down my chin, on to my chest, and he stares at me with dark and dilated eyes.

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