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There has to be more to you.
Still smoldering with pure memory, whispering your name like coda, if I say it enough I may understand and hold on to the smallest details.

How lips can never quite meet the same way, much like how a fingerprint loops or how a pen curves along paper, each kiss is a specific signature.
How the moonlight touched your face and Video sex chat without payment or registration. seemed to light up your eyes more than any blinding sunbeam ever could, as if only that certain nocturnal glow could show me who you really were when ensconced with my form.

It was something that cut much deeper, some palpable drift you couldn’t ever shape into a string of words, maybe you wanted to haunt me with your heart’s vague coordinates where my love passed through you.
I never confessed that your parting became the unique pangs of a phantom limb, and I was like something extinguished, forever smoldering with the smallest moments.

Another weekend is here and what do I have to look forward to? Two more nights on the town watching stupid ignorant people drinking far to much and then start trouble or cause unnecessary problems usually for the innocent victims.
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