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Your belly taut but delicate, It beckons me to better yet.
Above your mound the tiny hood Is hiding something awfully good.
My lusting vision sees the prize, Your swollen lips before my eyes.

You often spread your legs apart, And ram your toys, and Black fucking her self. steal my heart.
When coming you will moan aloud.
My mind is in a sexual cloud.
Ive seen you many times before.

Ive watched men treat you like a whore.

You like it deep and hard and rough.
You never seem to get enough.

And while you get your needed fuck I know you wait for one more suck.
For you the sex you get is life.
For me your needs cut like a knife.

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You never knew that I still care, But I will always watch you there.
Rejected as I was in shame, I only have myself to blame.
But still I must return to you And bring whats lost back into view.
I spill my seed upon the sand, My gift to you from my own hand.

How often does love confound us? How often does love perplex? How often does love confuse us? And how often does love cause stress?

Ive loved enough times to realize Its often far too complex.
The battle of wills And the pain it instills Often turns joy into vex.
What I long for these days is more subtle Its something so easy to say.
I long for a love with no trouble Just a love that will light up my day.

I long for a woman who loves me And never keeps me at bay.
I long for a woman who needs me With never a harsh word Hospital facial pain. to say I long for a lover with passion Who is willful, but still wants to play A woman who puts me above her With never a jaded display.

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