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During the summer, she always comes over to stay with me, so we can have quality father daughter time together.
This year, my hours required at work have been cut and therefore, my days seem slower and bit hard to deal with.

With some spare time at hand, I decided to sign up for a photography course which would allow me to work at my own pace and also give me a chance to make extra money in my Tits on webcam. free time, taking pictures of different things and my travels.
It’s summer and my daughter has been home for about a week now, and I want to spend as much time as possible with her before she head’s back to her college.

It is weekend and I’m up, bright and early downstairs, making breakfast for us.
After making her favorite breakfast, I went upstairs, softly down the hall to her bedroom, walking as quietly as possible to surprise her.

As I get closer to her bedroom door, I hear soft moaning sounds coming from inside. 8buns free webcam chat no registration.

The moaning sounds made me curious and got me wondering if my baby girl was watching porn at this hour in the morning.

I turn the door knob, Vanesapink69 multi part adult video chat. to open the door slightly, just a a crack, so I can look inside the room.
Looking around the corner, a surprised look came over me at the sight of my baby girl – her blanket is thrown to the side, as she’s spread eagle across the bed.

I lean in further to get a better look.
I see her taking her fingers into her mouth, sucking them slightly, before taking them back out and rubbing her wet soppy fingers on her hard tight pink nipples.
Moaning, she continues her ministrations, pinching, pulling, and twisting.

Watching my baby girl play with herself is hard to believe.
I kept standing at the door, gripping my cock, bulging through my pants.
My eyes grow big looking at her as I begin jerking my cock more.

I noticed her move around more therefore I shut the door and went back downstairs slowly so she won’t notice me watching her.
Sitting down at the breakfast table, am still in a slight daze because of what I just saw.
I start eating my breakfast, trying not to let my imagination run wild.

After a few moments, I hear my daughter walk down the stairs.
Good morning daddy, she says.
I look at her and smile, good morning baby.

Did you sleep well baby girl?

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Swinging club activities.