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He put his phone down and ordered one last drink.
He knew she wanted him to ask her how she was doing too, so she could thinly veil whatever it was she needed.
Ill give you fifteen minutes before you cant take it anymore and text back, Addy.

Adelaide was now finished with the laundry and looked at her phone, then the alarm clock on her nightstand.
Eighteen minutes.
She picked up the phone and began typing.
Adelaide: I miss you Liam.
I want to see you.
I know its been a long time.

Can we just hang out?

I am in my own place now, finally.
It will just be me and you.
I miss my wolf, dont you miss your bunny? Liam hunched over and rested his head in his free hand as he read her message, and then read it again, and again, for several minutes. Free porn half white half black men.
You okay there, Liam?

Your girlfriend checking up on ya? A pretty young woman in black asked, snapping him out of his uncomfortable trance.
Liam glanced up at the girl he had been talking to for the past half hour, already forgetting her name and said.
Nah, Im single.

Just some work thing I gotta do tomorrow.
I better get out of here, you have a good night.
Take it easy, workaholic.
Liam sat in his Range Rover and began to type.
Liam: I would be a liar if I said I didnt miss my sugar baby from time to time.

You know I fucking hate when you call me that, Adelaide thought and began typing.
Adelaide: I hate when you call me that.
Liam smirked and sent off his next message.

Liam: I cant see you tonight but how about tomorrow? Ill make a reservation at Imamuras.
Adelaide: Yay! I live on 1255 Green Mountain Road now.
Liam: Ill pick you Kratosiklaski free sex chat online without id. up Milf friends redtube. at 6.
Adelaide: See you tomorrow.

Goodnight Liam.
Liam fought the urge to wish her goodnight as well, synced his phone with his car, hit shuffle and backed out of his parking spot.

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